On March 7, 2022, Focused Dreams Forward will launch its flagship virtual mentorship program Game Plan for youth in St. Lucia.  An equitable and inclusive program that matches Black Canadian mentors who have an interest in sport with youth in the Caribbean who participate in sport. This innovative program pilot will increase self-esteem, leadership, and sense of belonging of the mentees by fostering positive Black identities with their Canadian Mentors. Mentors play a powerful role in closing the opportunity gaps in education and employment as well as aiding in violence prevention for youth.


"We are excited to partner with Generation Chosen in this unique mentorship program to create sustainable change for youth, both here in Toronto and in the Caribbean. Investing in the holistic development of youth impacts the long-term health of communities and we look forward to continuing to champion impact through sport.” - John Wiggins, President/ Co-Founder, Focused Dreams Forward 

With everything we are going through in North America right now it can be hard to remember that certain populations across the globe are disproportionately impacted both by the virus and the economic disparities it exacerbates. This of course only further reduces the health and life outcomes of so many. We see this mentorship program as an opportunity to share strategies on how to cope with the world around us, the people around us, and most importantly ourselves by utilizing sport both as an outlet and an analogy for how to lead a holistically healthy life regardless of our circumstances.

- Dr. Joseph Smith, Executive Director, Generation Chosen   


For the next 8 weeks, Generation Chosen Mentors will facilitate group mentoring and smaller group mentoring to youth in St. Lucia. The program will teach life skills through the application of experiential learning and mentorship. They will engage in topics such as conflict resolution and critical thinking. With sport as a theme and connection to all programming activities; this targeted curriculum will cultivate experiences that build their capacity and competence in life–skill development. 

Additionally, FDF has plans to expand its programs in 2022 to include on-court programs with workshops and camps in partnership with local St. Lucian organizations. Virtual tutoring programs will be developed by educational professionals to help youth meet their academic demands.

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Focused Dreams Forward would like to thank the PepsiCo Foundation for their grant and partnership in 2021/2022 which helped launch our first mentorship programme “Game Plan”. Thank you again for your support!