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John Wiggins
Co-Founder and CEO

John Wiggins is the Vice President of Organizational Culture, Inclusion for the Toronto Raptors.


John is a unifier. Working as an active ambassador towards the growth of Basketball as a sport in Canada, he engages with local authorities, lends support to similar charitable causes, and is an inspiring speaker at school functions driving the messages of teaming, collaboration, positive self-belief and striving for success.

He is passionate about working with the youth of the Caribbean to afford them opportunities both academically and athletically. To this end, his philanthropic endeavors have cumulated in the origination of his own charity, Focused Dreams Forward.

Tracy Wiggins
Co-Founder and Co-Secretary

Tracy is by profession an optimization and experience management leader. She is an early adopter of innovation and technology and drives a positive mindset in all her interactions.  Tracy is passionate about the role charitable causes can play in changing society. She has been involved in charities either by volunteering herself or previously recruiting at board/trustee level for charities that require leaders who focus on business development or implementation of strategic/transformational objectives.

British by birth, Canadian citizen and Caribbean heritage, Tracy has experience working internationally, with an educational background in Toxicology (U of T) and Pharmacology (Kings College, U of L). She believes that motivation for academic endeavors should be partnered with ensuring a sense of belonging and achievement for students of all ages. By partnering with her brother John through Focused Dreams Forward Foundation, Tracy is dedicated to the culture of exceptional experiences and opportunities via the power of education and sport.